Factors To Consider When Selecting A Solar Company

August 8th, 2019

As you look for a good solar company, there are many things you need to look. If you fail to make the right selection, you either end up getting the wrong solar panels or wrong installation services. To help avoid getting disappointed at the end of your project, here are some of the factors to consider as you make the selection.

Years the company has been in business

It is crucial to take note of the years that the different companies have been in the business. This is critical because there are many solar companies that come for a few years and go. You need a company that has been around for more than seven years. This shows that the company has already good roots in the market, and they have high chances to say for more years. You can also trust such a company because it shows that clients have trust with their solar panels and services, and this is what has made it possible for them to stay for that long in the market. Working with such a company also gives you confidence that you will enjoy their services for a long time.

Check if they have a physical office

You should also take into consideration if your potential solar company has a physical office that you can visit. It is advisable you entrust your solar services to a company that has a physical office. This is a good indication that they are also dedicated and committed to offering high-quality services to all clients. In case something happens wrong, you can easily access the company by visiting their office. With such a company, it also becomes easy to develop a long-lasting relationship with them since you can access them any time you want.

Is the company approved?

You do not want to work with a company that is not approved in the industry. This is necessary so that you avoid some who are frauds and work without the knowledge of the authorities. An approval is also an indication that they have met all the regulations in the industry and that they have all the required qualifications to work on your project. As you do the consultations, be sure to check that they have a valid operating license, accreditation documents and all other documents required in the industry. Working with an approved company gives you peace of mind anytime you call the expert for any solar services you need.


It is also vital that you consider the amount charged by the different companies for the solar panels Adelaide they offer, installation and cost of the other services. Since you will be working with the company for a long time, it is critical that you work with one which charge an affordable price that will not strain your finances. However, do not go for some very cheap solar companies that might not offer high-quality services. Besides, check that solar company without hidden charges, so that you can organise your budget more effectively.

Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Panels

July 21st, 2019

If you are considering installing solar panels in your home, then you think of a wonderful step. Solar panels have known to help people reduce the amount of money that they spend on electric bills. This, therefore, means that if you have been spending a lot of money on the same, then solar panels will make a big difference. However, for you to get the most out of the entire experience, you will need to make sure that you buy the right panels. The following are some of the points that you should put into consideration when looking to buy solar panels.

Power Needs

Before you take that bold step to walk into the market and buy yourself solar panels, it is important that you examine your power needs. Different solar panels have different capacities and what this means is that to be able to find the right panels for your home, you need to understand your power needs. If electricity is your main issue, then you are advised to go for PV panels. They are known to be the best when it comes to electricity matters. However, if your main problem is you are looking for reliable heating means, then you should go for those panels that utilize thermal technology.


You also need to pay notice to the efficiency of the solar panels that you are about to buy. When it gets to solar panels, efficiency is the rate at which the panels convert solar energy into electricity. The higher the efficiency, the more power the panels can produce and the reverse are also correct. However, if you dwell in a particularly hot place, then the exposure of your panels to the solar is very high and this means fewer panels can still produce enough power for your use.


Apart from looking at the reputation of the brand of the solar panels that you are going to choose, you should also look at the reputation of the solar sellers. Some sellers are so wicked that they can sell counterfeit panels to you unapologetically. However, if you make sure that you buy your staffs from those sellers who have a good reputation, you are likely to buy quality products. Read the online reviews and get to understand how those who have used the seller’s services before view them. You can also talk to friends and family members about the same.